A World Heritage City, Toledo is an amalgam of culture, art and history that will seduce you with its timeless appeal.

To describe Toledo in a few words is hard work, practically impossible. The roots of the Castilian city sink in the mists of time and it is not easy to locate its origin. Carpetans, Hebrews, Greeks and Romans disputed its foundation, although its birth could even be earlier, being configured, in any case, as an uninterrupted settlement since then until today. It is not surprising, therefore, that in its streets and squares one breathes the venerable and serene air of the ancestral peoples who have lived practically everything.

Highlighting a single episode in its history means leaving out facts of enormous transcendence and singularity, even so, we will emphasize that Toledo was the capital of the Spanish Empire with Carlos V, until the transfer of the capital to Madrid in 1561 under the reign of his son, Felipe II. Its famous and beautiful Alcazar, chiselled by a thousand vicissitudes over the centuries, majestically presides over the city. The personality of geniuses such as Cervantes, Garcilaso and, above all, El Greco, impregnates Toledo, steeped in culture, art, gastronomy and history. To describe it as “unforgettable” is an understatement, you have to come, live it, feel it, and not want to leave.


We recommend you to park in the free parking lot of Azarquiel, located two minutes walking from the center of Toledo.

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Les Noces de Feu

Every evening, as night falls, a soft melody resounds on the lake and gradually awakens the memory of a romantic wedding. The violinist muse and the virtuoso pianist meet to celebrate their eternal love in the fantasy of water and fire.

Attend a fantastic dance with dancers and huge sets that emerge from the depths of the lake, as if it were a mirage, and offer the newlyweds the dream of an unforgettable wedding.

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FLY TOLEDO meets the highest safety standards. The special steel cable of the Great Zip Line resists several tons!

All the necessary material is provided to the users during the installation: helmet, harness and pulley. For maximum comfort, Fly Toledo has the ZIPSTOP brake, patented, which makes the arrival smoother and suitable for all audiences.



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Domenikos Theotokopoulos, El Greco, the genius who painted the soul of Toledo

The Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca, the Jewish root of Toledo.

The Alcazar, the lordly watchdog of Toledo’s history.

Puerta de la Bisagra, over the centuries.

Prime Cathedral of Toledo, centuries of spirituality, art and history

Toledo’s historic centre, overflowing beauty at every turn.


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